Mini Documentaries for @DHMQatar
December 2020
Client: Dallah Holding Media ; Services: Screenplay, Video Editing

Storyboard and Screenplay: Rosalie   |   Producer: Faye   |   Videographer: Nour   |   Editing and Final Cut: Rosalie

"Walk a Day in my Shoes" - an employees engagement initiative that was organized by Dallah Holding Media on the 20th of February 2020. @DHMQatar had participants play another person's job for a day in order to understand and share the feelings of others. Watch their honest take on the experience.

Storyboard and Screenplay: Rosalie   |   Videographer: Nour   |   Editing and Final Cut: Rosalie

For @DHMQatar's Qatar National Day Campaign, they maximized their use of their December newsletter. Inside the newsletter was a "Year-end Video" that highlights their 2020 journey Pre- and Post-COVID-19.

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